Search Engine Optimization

The days of phone books and 4-1-1 have passed. When searching for a product or service, where do you look? If you answered "online", you're not alone. If you didn't, you're getting there.


Today, the vast majority of businesses understand and have addressed the need for an internet presence with the development of a corporate website, at minimum. That said, the vast majority of businesses do not understand the requirements necessary to ensure their website is found when a potential customer is searching for the products or services they provide.


Here's a test: Think of five or six terms a potential customer may enter when searching online for a product or service your clients offer. Type them into Google. Would they find them? If not, that's where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes essential.


You may have put together the biggest and brightest billboard known to man, however, what good is it if  you tell the billboard company to place it wherever "easiest" for them? That billboard may end up in Iowa, while your client's customers all live in Texas. The same rule applies to their website.


SEO can seem complicated. We make the solution simple.